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Behind the scenes | BMW mountains photo shoot


Signing up with BMW in March 2015 I’m the latest addition to the team that is made up of Austrian freeskier Roman Rohrmoser and Freeride World Tour athlete Felix Wiemers from Germany. I couldn’t image of a better partner for all my travels through the Alps – so much fun driving the new X1!

Thanks #BMWmountains

Take a sneak peak of the commercial photo shoot we did last week with photographer Hansi Heckmair.


New partnership with ALLIED FEATHER & DOWN


New partnership with ALLIED FEATHER & DOWN!



I love being out in the cold. But I don’t like BEING cold AT ALL. And those who know me or have been out in the cold with me – know even better… haha!

I am super proud to announce my new partnershipw with ALLIED FEATHER & DOWN, the world leader in the manufacture of the highest quality downs and their blends.



Allied’s processing methods continue to be the most innovative and sustainable in the industry. With the proprietary machinery and procedures, all water used in washing is recycled and no chemicals are discharged directly into the drainage.

I am easily cold while skiing, hiking, climbing or even biking in summer. I have really bad blood circulation in general, suffered a DVT after my ACL surgery and suffer the RAYNAUD’S PHENOMENON. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a disorder that affects blood vessels, mostly in the fingers and toes. It causes the blood vessels to narrow when you are cold…My fingers and toes turn white and blue-ish quite easily.

Oh well… I love skiing, no doubt about that but if I could I’d love to not have cold toes and fingers all the time. Using down mittens helps me with my fingers, using heat lotion on my toes helps a bit as well. Most important for me though is to feel warm in general. That means I rarely ever leave the house for skiing, biking or hiking without my down liner at least in my backpack if not wearing it right away.

ALLIED provides the highest quality, most ethically sourced down on the market and I am super happy my long term outerwear partner Peak Performance uses down provided by ALLIED in several jackets and more. ALLIED sells a byproduct that has been used as a means to keep humans warm for centuries: feather and down from geese and duck. They understand and respect the concern for the welfare of the animals that ultimately provide us with the gift of down. I like that I can track my down and find out where it is coming from.

Follow ALLIED FEATHER & DOWN on instagram, facebook & twitter and stay tuned for some blog posts on my webpage and in ALLIED journal.

And most important – stay warm and healthy out there &




New Year’s resolution

Really love my new Peak Performance outfit for the season!

….a Happy New Year everyone!

It’s not just been a while – it’s quite been ‘forever’ since my last blog post. I’m not apologizing because I don’t know to who I would even adress it as I am guessing people didn’t even look at my blog anylonger as there was no regular news.

But – here is my New Year’s resolution on that side – I’ll try to blog regularly and tell more stories about my images on instagram and facebook, give you an insight about what’s going on and provide you with stories that aren’t always straight forward and obvious, talk more about what drives me and some look-backs to an amazing year 2015.

My year as a skier 2016 started pretty slow – like super slow due to the lack of snow in the Alps, especially in my region around Salzburg. So I won’t make you jealous with amazing powder images, I can’t really talk about mindblowing powder days this time – but about great and satisfying skiing days on slope, with my racing skis on perfect groomers in various resorts in the Salzburger Land – and still a good start to my season which for me already started this summer in the southern hemisphere. Ok, I admit – maybe that’s why I am quite relaxed still. Ok, that was mean, sorry.





Line of the Year Award

Line of the Year Award

Freeskier Matthias Haunholder and Matthias Mayr together with Kitzbühel Freeride Weeks for the first time ever in Austria organized the “Line of the Year” Award.
Awards like this are quite popular in North America and I am super stoked that I could take home the Kitzbühel Gams for my AK line in Shades of Winter PURE.


1.    Sandra Lahnsteiner
2.    Pia Widmesser
3.    Aline Bock


1.    Fabian Lentsch
2.    Tobi Tritscher
3.    Max Zipser

Argentina with the FISCHER crew

Our crew was made up of US athlete Kyle Smaine, Niki Salencon and Oskar Sosa from Argentina, filmer Mathias Bergmann, photographer & Fischer US Matt Berkowitz, Christian Lutz, head of Fischer marketing & myself! Good times ahead!

Skiiing in Argentina had been on my list for years. Two weeks ago I was happy to go Patagonia trip with my ski sponsor FISCHER to produce images for a new ski that will be released in fall 2015. The crew was made up of us athletes Niki Salencon and long-term FISCHER friend Oscar Sosa from Argentina, Kyle Smaine (US) and myself as well as filmer Mathias Bergmann, photographer Matt Berkowitz (Fischer US) and Head of Fischer Marketing Christian Lutz.

But most important – this trip was mainly organized by our local friend and Fischer distributor Gabriel Uranga! We couldn’t have made it without you! MUCHAS GRACIAS Gabriel!

To get more about our trip, read the comments in the pictures! Enjoy it!

off road with my JEEP

SUP session at home

Windsurfing Fuerteventura

Windsurfing is my favorite sport next to skiing. The speed – water – summer – beach – ozean and the challenge to step it up….

Fuerteventura was delivering it. With a sails range from 3.0 to 4.7 the week was a strong one. Staying at the Hotel Melia Gorriones and surfing at the Mistral Station at former Center 2 was the best choice we could have made.

Thanks to for organizing a perfect trip for us! We will be back for sure!

summer time at home

SUMMER TIME at home…

Got the roof off my JEEP Wrangler and went for a SUP sesh on the lake with my Croslake Como! Couldn’t get any better I’d say!

Lyngen Alps, Norway

love my JEEP Wrangler

Woman Magazine Fitness Shooting

Haines, Alaska 2013

Haines, Alaska 2013

photographer: Patrick Orton (RIP)

Niseko, Japan

Selkirks, Canada

freeskiing in Morocco

Trip to Morocco in March 2012

athletes: Melissa Presslaber & myself

filmer: Tom Andrillon

photographer: Andre Schönherr, all pics by Andre

Whistler, Canada

photographer: Birger Olsen

Monashee, Canada

Monashee Powder Snowcats

pics by Matt Berkowitz, US

Val Thorens, France

Hike & Ride in the backcountry of Val Thorens with Timy Theaux & Tony Lamiche

photographer: Dom Daher