I have been skiing for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the middle of the Alps there was no way around it – and for that, I am eternally grateful. My profound love for freeriding and backcountry skiing evolved from alpine ski racing through working as a ski instructor and later as a ski coach for elite athletes. My dedication, commitment and deep love for skiing paved the way to carve a career as a professional freeride skier. All around the globe in jaw-dropping sceneries accompanied by outstanding athletes and friends. I love diving into adventures and cultures, and I love sharing those moments.

15 years freeskiing.
6 continents.
global nominations and awards.

As a state-certified ski guide and licensed travel agency, I can create, host and guide B2B and B2C events for brands and companies and especially my very own #shadesofwinter ski CAMPS. I am proud to have received global nominations and awards for my performance as an athlete in a wide range of ski films. Yet, I see my role as an athlete and brand ambassador beyond those appearances, my skiing performance, or my engagement rates on social media. I am extremely grateful for my premium partners and our strong, long-term work that is rooted in shared values and ambitions and – a deep love for skiing and the outdoors.

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