January 7, 2016 Sandra Lahnsteiner

New Year’s resolution

Really love my new Peak Performance outfit for the season!

….a Happy New Year everyone!

It’s not just been a while – it’s quite been ‘forever’ since my last blog post. I’m not apologizing because I don’t know to who I would even adress it as I am guessing people didn’t even look at my blog anylonger as there was no regular news.

But – here is my New Year’s resolution on that side – I’ll try to blog regularly and tell more stories about my images on instagram and facebook, give you an insight about what’s going on and provide you with stories that aren’t always straight forward and obvious, talk more about what drives me and some look-backs to an amazing year 2015.

My year as a skier 2016 started pretty slow – like super slow due to the lack of snow in the Alps, especially in my region around Salzburg. So I won’t make you jealous with amazing powder images, I can’t really talk about mindblowing powder days this time – but about great and satisfying skiing days on slope, with my racing skis on perfect groomers in various resorts in the Salzburger Land – and still a good start to my season which for me already started this summer in the southern hemisphere. Ok, I admit – maybe that’s why I am quite relaxed still. Ok, that was mean, sorry.





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