I love to see an idea I have in mind come to life and I simply love the creative work in the mountains with filmers and photographers. That’s how I became a filmmaker.

My Movies

After my first movie part in MADE IN AUSTRIA (2009) I put together the all girls ski movie AS WE ARE 2010.
I had additional movie parts in M-Line’s A HISTORY OF SNOW (2011) and ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE (2012) as well as in CHECK YOUR RISK (2011), FREERIDE DELUXE (2012) and SNOW COLLECTIVE (2012).
The second movie I produced was SHUKRAN MOROCCO (2012) before I started my own production company with SHADES OF WINTER.

Shades of Winter

SHADES OF WINTER is an all-female freeski movie featuring some of the best athletes while leaving their dream skiing all over the world. My goal with the movie 2013 was to show all different aspects of female freeskiing: backcountry powder in Japan, the legendary Nine Queens freestyle event, and big mountain lines in Alaska.
SHADES OF WINTER got recognised all over the world and was the only all female movie selected for the International Freeski Festivals IF3 where Matilda Rapaport, Lorraine Huber and myself got all the three nominations for Best Female Freeride for our Alaska segment.
On top the movie won the first ever ‚Femme Fatale Award’ of the North American Coldsmoke Tour 2014 awarded for the most inspiring female performance and presence.
Together with director/filmer/editior Mario Feil, beechstudios and long term friend and DOP Mathias Bergmann who already was on board of ‚As We Are’ 2010 we are working on the second ‚Shades of Winter’ movie coming fall 2014. Our goal is simply to step it up in every single aspec: skiing, cinematography, story telling, distribution and promotion. Our next movie will not just be another female ski movie and I hope we can keep inspiring.


PURE is my second “Shades of Winter” movie. sharing my plattform of “Shades of Winter” with female athletes from all over the world you can again expect high performance skiing at its best. Together with director Mario Feil and DOP Mathias Bergmann we stepped it up in every aspect of movie making. PURE will leave its footprints and get you pumped to get out in the mountains


The film BETWEEN, a Red Bull Media House co-production, filmed in Ultra HD 4K (DP Mathias Bergmann), follows me and my team both on and off the mountains and documents our overcoming challenges, adapting to difficult circumstances as well as compelling journeys and thrilling destinations. Between earth and sky, ocean and mountains, old friends and new, between daily challenges and once-in-a-lifetime thrills – follow the Shades of Winter crew on their journey around the globe. Their adventure takes the women from a volcano in Hawaii to daring descents of Alaska’s mythical giants, from sparkling waves to glittering powder – and always towards adrenaline-fuelled highs, lasting memories and true friendship.

Starring: Janina Kuzma, Julia Mancuso, Carissa Moore (surfing), Evelina Nilsson, Sandra Lahnsteiner, Matilda Rapaport* & Nadine Wallner

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