August 26, 2014 Sandra Lahnsteiner

Argentina with the FISCHER crew

Our crew was made up of US athlete Kyle Smaine, Niki Salencon and Oskar Sosa from Argentina, filmer Mathias Bergmann, photographer & Fischer US Matt Berkowitz, Christian Lutz, head of Fischer marketing & myself! Good times ahead!

Skiiing in Argentina had been on my list for years. Two weeks ago I was happy to go Patagonia trip with my ski sponsor FISCHER to produce images for a new ski that will be released in fall 2015. The crew was made up of us athletes Niki Salencon and long-term FISCHER friend Oscar Sosa from Argentina, Kyle Smaine (US) and myself as well as filmer Mathias Bergmann, photographer Matt Berkowitz (Fischer US) and Head of Fischer Marketing Christian Lutz.

But most important – this trip was mainly organized by our local friend and Fischer distributor Gabriel Uranga! We couldn’t have made it without you! MUCHAS GRACIAS Gabriel!

To get more about our trip, read the comments in the pictures! Enjoy it!

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